• Image of BRIGHID'S FIRE - Turkey Pheasant Feather Smudge Fan Pagan Altar Magick Art
  • Image of BRIGHID'S FIRE - Turkey Pheasant Feather Smudge Fan Pagan Altar Magick Art
  • Image of BRIGHID'S FIRE - Turkey Pheasant Feather Smudge Fan Pagan Altar Magick Art
  • Image of BRIGHID'S FIRE - Turkey Pheasant Feather Smudge Fan Pagan Altar Magick Art
  • Image of BRIGHID'S FIRE - Turkey Pheasant Feather Smudge Fan Pagan Altar Magick Art


Featuring beautiful heritage turkey, pheasant, and peacock feathers, the BRIGHID'S FIRE fan is made with a gold-leafed crescent moon centerpiece above a Druzy Agate specimen and Citrine Quartz crystal inset between sculpted roses, leaves, spirals and Swarovski crystals. The bottom of the handle is set with a Carnelian cabochon and a wonderful polished Agate that is also surrounded by more sculpted leaves, spirals, Swarovski crystals, and a rose. Hanging from the handle are Jasper and Green Garnet beaded dangles. The most unique feature of this smudge fan is the handle which is actually a fossilized Ice Age Bison leg bone that is over 10,000 years old! It is very solid, and a beautiful rare collectible. The length of the fan from tip to tip is 26 inches, not including the beaded dangles, and the width is 21 inches. Bold, beautiful and full of exquisite details, the BRIGHID'S FIRE Ritual Smudge Fan be a stunning addition to a sacred shrine or personal altar space!

DRUZY CRYSTALS have many tiny crystals like a "skin" of sparkly crystals. Druzy usually grew originally over another crystal or matrix, though they may not be attached to it currently. Occasionally they are floater clusters with no attachment previously to a matrix. Light and joy are brought to an environment or ritual by a Druzy Cluster. As a type of Crystal Cluster they also bring harmony to groups. They have energy that is especially helpful for Spiritual worship and Lightwork. Like other types of clusters, they can empower the energy of other crystals and stones.

CITRINE is solidified sunshine! It emits a solar ray of joy, expansive and potent. It connects your centre of will with the Divine, allowing you to use your personal power, mental focus and creative ideas to create a beautiful life. Citrine brings clarity, positivity and joyous transformation. Where you have indecisiveness, fogginess or uncertainty, Citrine can be used to become clear as to which direction to follow. Some keep a piece of Citrine in their wallets to bring a constant flow of money into it!

AGATE is noted in the metaphysical world to be a good protective energy stone, especially for children, and very calming and soothing. It is also said to help strengthen the body's connection to the earth. It is reported to mystically give courage, energy, strength, and dispels fears, all of which increase self-confidence. It is said to lessen feelings of envy by grounding the emotions. Agate is also used in crystal emotional healing for resolving bitterness and resentments. It is also called and believed to be a stone of harmony. These two factors makes it a stone that's said to help improve and harmonize relationships. Also, by bringing the elements of one's being into harmony it greatly enhances healing. Agate also enhances creativity and stimulates the intellect. Agate is considered a stone that brings good luck.

BUFFALO TOTEM equals Prayer and Abundance. Those who have a Buffalo totem must walk a sacred path, honoring every walk of life. You will achieve nothing without the aid of the Great Spirit
and you must be humble enough to ask for assistance and then be grateful for those gifts. A Buffalo totem will seek to help you establish a deep connection to Mother Earth and it will ask you to help the endangered species of our planet. He will bring you strength of character and an independent spirit.

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Spinning Castle Studios, 2015.
Photographs by Susan Tooker

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